Footnote classes are used to style any footnote-like content, like footnotes or annotations. Footnote classes have a special pseudoclass :anchor that allows the styling of the anchor. This is especially useful for annotations, to style the annotated content differently from the anchor.


  • Definitions:

    • inline-footnote

    • inline-annotation

Style Settings

See also: Inline

Setting Type Examples Description
footnote-visibility Symbol visible, hidden Specifies whether the element should be actually treated as footnote or as ordinary inline text.


See also: Inline

Class Description
:anchor Used for styling referencing anchor of an annotation separated from the annotated content. See Inline Class. Defaults to superscript text.


// Underline the annotated text
inline-annotation {
  underline:        single

// Style the anchor of a footnote
inline-annotation :anchor {
  baseline-shift:   superscript

// Style a paragraph inside a footnote
inline-footnote paragraph {
 first-line-indent:  0pt