Specifies whether headings or dividers will introduce a section break. On two-sided output, an empty page may be placed before a new section to keep the first side of a section on the left or right side of the output. The :first-page header and footer style will be used for all first pages of a section. Depending on the footnote-enumeration setting, the enumeration of footnotes will restart on a section. If a heading level is specified for section breaks, the heading level and all higher levels will insert to a section break (e.g. if heading-3 is specified for section-break, also heading-2 and heading-1 will lead to a section break.)


Available in: Document Settings



Available values

Value Description
none No section break. Used as default.
heading-1 Section break on heading 1.
heading-2 Section break on heading 2 and higher.
heading-3 Section break on heading 3 and higher.
heading-4 Section break on heading 4 and higher.
heading-5 Section break on heading 5 and higher.
heading-6 Section break on heading 6 and higher.
paragraph-divider Section breaks on dividers.

Default value





document-settings {
  page-binding:      left
  section-break:     heading-2
  two-sided:         yes