Applies to: Paragraph

Style Setting Description
default-tab-interval The default length of the spacing between the beginning of two tab stops.
first-line-indent The indentation of the first line of a paragraph.
hyphenation Whether hyphenation shold be applied to a paragraph.
justify-line-breaks Whether text should be justified on line breaks.
keep-with-following Keep the paragraph with the following paragraphs if a page break occurs.
line-height The distance between the baselines of two adjacent lines of a paragraph.
margin-bottom The bottom margin of a paragraph.
margin-left The left margin of a paragraph.
margin-right The right margin of a paragraph.
margin-top The top margin of a paragraph.
orphans-and-widows The handling of orphans and widows in paragraphs.
page-break Specifies, whether a page break should occur before or after a paragraph.
tab-alignments The horizontal text alignments for each tabulator.
tab-positions The start positions for each tabulators.
text-alignment The horizontal alignment of a paragraph’s text.